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"Felipe Xicoténcatl C-53 Boat Wreck Scuba Diving"

Cozumel’s Famous shipwreck is known as “The Cozumel Wreck”, or the official name is the Felipe Xicoténcatl or C-53 is the most admired boat wreck in Mexico.  Felipe Xicoténcatl was a US Made Admirable-Class minesweeper previously recognized as the USS Scuffle built in 1944 for the Navy during World War II.

In 1962 the Cozumel Wreck discharged and sold to the Mexican Navy, and was retitled ARM General Felipe Xicoténcatl (C53) where it guarded the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea aiding search and rescue operations and watching for illegal arms and drug trafficking. wreck diving in cozumel for certified wreck divers for scuba diving shipwreck dive in cozumel mexicoFelipe Xicoténcatl (Cozumel shipwreck) had provided 55 years of assistance to Mexico Navy and the ship was finally retired in 1999 and contributed to the Cozumel underwater park and sunk in 1999 in 82’ of water to be turned into an artificial reef and to be now known as the famous Cozumel Wreck. Felipe  Xicoténcatl C-53 (Cozumel Boat Wreck) is absolutely the perfect diving wreck for Cozumel divers in search of the best shipwreck to dive in the Caribbean or Mexico. The Cozumel Wreck, was cleansed for any dangerous and non-biodegradable material, along with large openings were cut into the decks, hull, and corridors to permit Cozumel divers easy entrance into the interior of Felipe Xicoténcatl (Cozumel Wreck). 

The Cozumel Wreck is 154 feet (56m) long, 33 feet (10m) wide and was sunk to the bottom of the Caribbean perfectly upright and rests on the seabed in 80 feet (24m) from the surface. The Cozumel boat wreck stands 40 feet (12m) from the seabed permitting divers to reach the Cozumel wreck by descending only 20 feet from the surface. The Cozumel wreck is chained to the sandy seabed to avoid the shipwreck from being unstable in case of strong storms or a hurricane.

The Cozumel Wreck (Felipe Xicoténcatl C-53) is easy to explore because of the large passion island beach kids activities and beach attractions at isla pasion cozumel mexicoopenings to pass through, but caution should always be taken when diving the Cozumel Wreck. Its known as a beginners wreck, but is an excellent dive for experienced wreck divers. The Cozumel wreck has a great exterior, with an abundant quantity of sea life and sponges starting to flourish on the boat wreck. There are large schools of barracuda which are very common about the wreck, as well as Grouper, eel, and a wide variety of other Cozumel coral reef fish can also be observed at this magnificent Cozumel Wreck.

The center of the C-53 wreck is relatively intact, and one can visit several remarkable sectors of the shipwreck. The engine quarters are a fascinating visit, and contain the enormous engines still intact. The Cozumel wreck has several sections throughout the wreck, such being able to explore the galley, the officers’ quarters, the head area and the radio room. It’s always recommended to use a detailed wreck guide or waterproof dive site card to navigate throughout the Cozumel shipwreck.

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